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> A Perfect Fit

Not too long ago, a COMTRANS client was preparing for a small tradeshow on the east coast. The COMTRANS account executive on the project was very familiar with the client's exhibit because he'd already helped him with many shows in the past. However, this show was uniquely different.

As the account executive was reviewing the transportation logistics of the show with the client, he recognized that unlike prior shows they'd attended, this one would be at a hotel, not a convention center. He knew the client's exhibit was fairly tall, and he also knew that hotel ceiling heights can sometimes run quite low. So right away he asked the client if he had checked into height limitations with the hotel. The client said he had not even thought to ask this when he had spoken with the show services staff.

The COMTRANS account executive immediately called the hotel convention services manager and found out that in fact the ceilings were too low to accommodate the height of the exhibit as it was currently configured. But since they'd found this out in advance of the show, the COMTRANS account executive was able to have the exhibit modified at a minimal cost. The client ended up with just the right size exhibit for the hotel, plus, the modified smaller exhibit size ended up saving him money on shipping costs!