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> Client: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. -
Motorcycle Division

The Challenge:

With over 25 mobile events in one year, Honda was faced with a logistical challenge. They turned to Comtrans to help them reach this goal. Comtrans has been working with Honda on their mobile events for over 20 years.

The Obstacles:

Comtrans, along with Honda, built-out a fleet of 6 trucks to house and transport the Honda demos and exhibits. Once the truck (often up to 3 trucks) arrived at an event location, the dedicated team would assemble and position the external exhibit areas including tents, awnings, exhibit structures and demo areas for test-driving the different vehicles, plus meeting rooms and exhibit areas inside the truck for helmet and equipment storage and access.

Honda relied on the Comtrans team to manage and arrange the logistics for each event. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to D.O.T. Regulations, state laws, insurance, liability coverage, taxes, truck weight, inspections and driver rules.